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Valerie & David understand living with chronic pain. In their search for pain relief they found Therapeutic Massage and became certified in massage therapy. They opened Royal Care Lifestyle in 2005 with the dream of helping others heal from physical pain, stress and fatigue.

Our experience with herbs and medicinal cannabis for natural pain and stress relief led us to be the first to use Hemp CBD in Massage & Body Treatments in Santa Rosa, CA. Hemp CBD allows us to harness the best aspects of cannabis without intoxicating effects.

We developed the Whole Care product line to enhance our treatments and assist you with managing your pain and stress at home.

We welcome you to Royal Care Lifestyle in Santa Rosa to experience our massage and body treatments. Our team of massage therapists work with you to customize every session. They can also work on care plans to take home, and long term goals to support your body and mind.

We are looking for like-minded healers to connect with and help you grow your own Holistic Wellness Practice. Contact us to learn more about product wholesale, protocol integration, or opening a Whole Care Lifestyle franchise.