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Three of the best to Start the Day


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Start the day with your flavor choice of ImmuniCBG, Flow Gummies and Renew Cream.



Start your day with a dose of CBG + Vitamin C.

Hemp-derived CBG assists with motivation and Vitamin C is a classic immune booster.


Active Ingredients

  • 25mg Full Spectrum CBG per serving
  • 35mg Vitamin C per serving


For Best Results

Mix 2 capfuls of ImmuniCBG into 4oz of water, stir and drink once per day.


Flow Gummies

Full Spectrum hemp-derived CBD + CBG helps you stay calm and focused.

CBD is known for its anti-inflammatory properties, as well as its ability to relieve stress and anxiety.

CBG enhances motivation and pleasure.


Sour Strawberry flavor

20 pieces / package


Active Ingredients

  • 25mg CBD per piece
  • 25mg CBG per piece


Renew Cream

Hemp-derived Isolated CBD provides fast muscle and joint pain relief in a terpene-infused moisturizing cream lotion to boost the mind / body connection.

Renew terpenes provide a light, energizing scent.


Functional Ingredients

  • 400 mg hemp derived Isolated CBD
  • Terpenes – A custom blend of aromatic compounds
  • Eucalyptus Essential Oil – assists with pain relief
  • Lavender Essential Oil – assists with relaxation


For Best Results

Start with a quarter size amount and massage lightly onto tense muscles and joints. Apply more as needed.

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